About Hexanine:

Hardcase, not to be taken too seriously, feel good and nod your head to Hexanine – NZ Creepy Punk Metal Band from Marton 546.

Members: HEX (Hexachord and Vox) * LEAD HEAD (Blood Beaters) * St LUKIFER (Gravel Rumbler) *


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Hello Sailor

About Hello Sailor:

No one can challenge Hello Sailor’s place in the evolution of Kiwi music. They surfaced among the inner city student population in the midst of the 1970s disco boom, playing soul, Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones and their own distinctive brand of South Pacific Rock’n’Roll come ‘Ponsonby Reggae’.

Their debut self titled album released in 1977 was the first locally made New Zealand record to achieve Gold Record status and Hello Sailor had the country at its feet.

Hello Sailor’s contribution to the local music scene was recognised in 2011 by their induction into the NZ Music Hall of Fame. At an Auckland Town packed for the APRA Silver Scroll awards, Peter Urlich credited Sailor with being “the vanguard of a new wave of NZ artists in the late 70s that opened up a brave new world of original music and entertainment”, and that “they are still making their unique style of rock’n’roll as wonderfully as they did thirty years ago”.

Graham Brazier, Dave McArtney and Harry Lyon, the three founding members and songwriters, still performed and recorded together some thirty-seven years after the inception of the band in 1975. They recorded the critically acclaimed Surrey Crescent Moon album at Roundhead studios and released it through Warner NZ in October 2012.

As recently as November 2012 they were still hanging out the “House Full” signs on Dragon’s highly successful 40th Anniversary Tour playing to some 10,000 people at eighteen mainly theatre venues from Invercargill to Auckland.

The sad loss of founder member Dave McArtney in April 2013 left the remaining band members determined to carry the Hello Sailor flag. Guitar player Harry Lyon says the band is really looking forward to their summer tour, “We know Dave would want us to keep the band going and hey, it’s what we do.”

The Hello Sailor current line-up has founding members, Graham Brazier, and Harry Lyon joined by long-time drummer Rick Ball and Paul Woolright on bass, along with Stephen Small on keys (Autozam, Hammond Gamble Band) and Harry’s son Johnny Lyon (Luger Boa, The Psychs) on guitar.



Hello Sailor‘Hello Sailor’ ©1977
‘Pacifica Amour’ ©1978
‘Last Chance to Dance’ ©1982
‘Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion’ ©1986
‘The Album’ ©1995
‘The Sailor Story’ ©1996
‘Surrey Crescent Moon’ ©2012


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Ha the Unclear

About Ha the Unclear:

From Dunedin but currently based out of Auckland, Ha the Unclear (an anagram for Nuclear Heath, a flatmate who could only cook with a microwave) create off kilter, hook-stuffed, alt pop songs. Since releasing a string of bedroom pop albums in Dunedin under the moniker ‘Brown’ time has been split between Auckland and a basil farm in the Bay of Plenty.

Band members are: Michael, Ben, Theo, and Paul.



Ha the Unclear‘Bacterium, Look At Your Motor Go’ ©2014




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“Certainly unique and quite possibly bent genius” – Graham Reid (Elsewhere.co.nz)

“The band is obviously bonkers, which I love, and suitably kick-ass too. I bet these guys have the best nights out (can I come, please)?” – Fresh On the Net

“The song writing on this album is so strong and unique that many heavy topics are countered with an obscure brand of humour…It’s shit like Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go that gets me out of bed in the morning” – City and Sound

“new, refreshing, and genuinely beautiful 4/5” – Vinyl Mag

“fascinatingly odd” – Entertainment Weekly

4/5 – The NZ Listener

“the band are unlike any band you’ve heard before. They weave hilarious tales of anxiety and frustration, give intimate emotion to inanimate objects and raise questions about religion and morality within almost a single breath.” – Who the Hell



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About Heavy:

These guys have been throwing down rap bangers since the summer of 2014. With a penchant for dirty lyrics and deadpan wordplay, this Auckland duo are keeping it hot and how you like it. With a smorgasbord of loaded but addictively sweet beats on their new EP Tasty, HEAVY are on the money.



Heavy_LockIn_Album_parental‘Lock In’ ©2015

‘Tasty EP’ ©2014


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House of Shem

About House of Shem:

House of Shem hail from Aotearoa, New Zealand and like many legendary reggae groups this band is built around the classic harmony trio format. At the helm is Carl Perkins, a man with over thirty years experience writing and playing reggae music. As a former member of Herbs, Mana and the Twelve Tribes of Israel Band amongst others, Carl’s musical credentials are impeccable.

Joining him up front are two of his sons, Te Omeka and Isaiah who not only provide harmonies but both of whom also write, take turns at singing lead and play keyboards as well. It is this blood link and family bond that renders the sound of their combined voices as something really extraordinary. Each of the three has their own distinct song writing style and voice, effectively giving the band three different lead singers. The harmonies are sublime and the precision of their ensemble performance is phenomenal.

Credit must also go to the rhythm section – certainly one of the tightest you are ever likely to hear down in the South Pacific Aotearoa New Zealand, with Kaya Webster who is a “one-drop” prodigy, having played drums for the Twelve Tribes of Israel Band since he was of primary school age and Francis Harawira, a heavy-duty bassist also formerly of the T.T.I. Band and Token Village. Rounding out the sound is the exceptionally gifted guitarist Roy Venkataraman – a seasoned veteran himself who toured and played with The Wailers band for a number of years and the soul infused horns of Chris Nielson on saxophone.

The House of Shem live experience is an unforgettable occasion – a rare mixture of power and beauty. Whether you are Rasta or raver, this band’s incredible tightness, heavenly harmonies, conscious lyrics and blend of traditional and contemporary reggae styles will leave you spellbound.




‘Keep Rising’ ©2008

‘Island Vibration’ ©2011

House Of Shem‘Harmony’ ©2013

Track listing: Take You There; Fighting for Freedom; She’s Mine; Hard Road (feat. Big Mountain); Harmony; For You and for Me (feat. DJ Sito); Jah Know; Crazy (feat. DJ Sito); Be Prepared; Let It Be; Calling; Stay Blessed.


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Heavy Metal Ninjas

About Heavy Metal Ninjas:

With gut-wrenching riffs, pounding grooves and light speed guitars, Heavy Metal Ninjas are an instrumental metal band from New Zealand.

Many will recall their jaw-dropping performance of the winning classical composition at 2011’s APRA awards, and the sheer power and spectacle of their live show has to be witnessed first hand.

The band deliver a ferocious guitar onslaught of instrumentals while dressed as ninjas. With a live show that has ninjas with laser beams shooting out of their fingers, this band continues to wow their audiences.

Heavy Metal Ninjas are:

Richie Allan – Lead Guitar. Brandon Reihana – Rhythm Guitar. Keegan Donovan – Bass Guitar. Joe Brownless – Drums.



heavy metal ninjas‘Interstellar Abduction’ ©2013

Track listing: Propulsion, Pt. 1 – Abduction; Propulsion, Pt. 2 – Abduction; Istagey – Abduction; Melodyk; Interstellar Abduction – Interstellar; Constellations; The Sirius Connection – Interstellar; Green Spring; Design.


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About Heterodox:

These vibrant, musically broad mavericks will be embarking on their first ever, full-fledged headlining tour around the North Island of New Zealand in March of 2015. The band will be bringing their debut release Elixir of Lethe to the stage in its entirety, along with all new material set to raise the bar ever higher for the group.

Natives to the small of town Hastings – Hawkes Bay, the band consists of guitarist and vocalist – Luke Burns, Bass and back-up vocals – Floyd Pepper, and Drumming from Jared Green.

The line-up was finalised during 2012 and since then, the lads have been consecutively realising their musical vision among their diverse musical taste, and widespread inspirations.

Blending a vibe of classic rock with a modern flair of fuzzy doom, Heterodox have been dubbed ‘a non-stop onslaught of superb riffs that still make this band very hard to categorize.’ – Steve Howe of The Sludgelord.

The alternative rockers have had the chance to share the stage with some of New Zealand’s premier acts such as Jakob, Beastwars, Decortica and 8 Foot Sativa.

Heterodox released their debut record Elixir of Lethe during the winter of 2014. The album was produced by the revered Nick Blow with mastering handled by Brett Stanton. Elixir of Lethe garnered an immensely beloved reaction within the alternative music scene in New Zealand.

Sammy Jay Dawson of NZ Musician magazine comments in his review: ‘A truly exciting stoner rock record and a future cornerstone of Kiwi metal.’ Elixir of Lethe continues to spark interest around the world.

Heterodox invites you to frolic in the joy of New Zealand’s ever growing music scene and experience their formidable weave of melody, rhythm and volume live across the beckoning lands of the North Island this March.



HeterodoxElixir of Lethe©2014



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His Master’s Voice

About His Master’s Voice:

We sold our souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll to bring you the Devil’s Blues…

Steeped in groove with a passionate, classic feel….. Listen closely and follow the sound of His Master’s Voice……

The love child of metal and dirty blues, this new yet imposing four piece band from Auckland combines members of long established metal bands with an incredible blues vocal. The resulting sound is ‘tight, dirty and makes you want to move’ (13th Floor) – blues as heavy and passionate as it gets, delivered by supremely talented musicians.

With an already established fan base, and an incredibly impressive EP, this is a band that will go far.

His Master’s Voice are:

Jesse Sorensen – Vocals and guitar, Az Burns – Lead Guitar, Rene “Judas” Harvey – Percussion & Thunder, Brandon Bott – Bass.

Devil’s blues….. let possession take control……



His Master's Voice‘Possession’ ©2014 The Devils Blues Records

Track listing: Possession; Don’t Trust Myself; Mourning; Follow Me Down; Summer time; Bonus track – Lucid Dream, Live at the King’s Arms.


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Photo above courtesy of Mark Derricutt, http://www.chaliceofblood.net/

About Hiboux:

Hiboux play wandering musical odysseys which build from spacious soundscape to thunderous crescendo. Moments of post-punk and prog-rock meet classical themes and overdriven alternative rock. The band enjoys writing subtle, powerful, instrumental rock music that could accompany a film, a drive across the desert, a dive through the ocean or a balloon trip over the mountains.

Hiboux is an instrumental post-rock band from Wellington. Band members are:

Lester Litchfield – Guitar
Duncan Nairn – Bass
Declan Bailey – Drums
Bern Stock – Guitar



Hiboux ‘Demo 1′ ©2014

‘Demo 2′ ©2015


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Head Like A Hole

About Head Like A Hole (HLAH):

Head Like a Hole (HLAH) is a rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. The band is named after the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name.

Bringing their own brand of Kiwi Rock – NO ONE can Hootenanny like HLAH.

Band members are:

Booga Beazley, Nigel Regan, Mike-Franklin-Browne, Andrew Ashton and Simon Nicholls.



‘Shitnoise’ ©1991

’13’ ©1993

Head Like A Hole (HLAH)‘Spanish Goat Dancer’ ©1994

‘Flik Y’Self Off Y’Self’ ©1994

‘Happy Families Tour EP’ ©1995

‘The Not Nicomjool EP’ ©1995

‘The Berlin Stench’ ©1996

‘Double Your Strength, Improve Your Health, & Lengthen Your Life’ ©1998

‘Bloody On The Honky Tonk Floor’ ©2001

‘The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands’ ©2009

‘Blood Will Out’ ©2011

Narcocorrido ©2015


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