PCP Eagles

About PCP Eagles:

Formed from the members of your favourite NZ punk and hardcore bands, both past and present – Backyard Burial, Basura Blanca, Black Tuesday, Blistering Tongues, Bobby D And The Dynamite Kids, Freudoids, Graveyard Rumble, Malenky Robot, The Managers, The Outsiders, Poisoners, Risto Rockers, Ritalin, Russian Roulette, TK 421, The Scholnicks, School Of Meat, Shitripper, Sommerset, Smashing Off, The Spoilers, Suicide Dogs, Tolerant Unicorn. PCP like to party all the time.

PCP Eagles are:

Joe – Vox
Aidan – Guitars/ Vox
Justin – Guitars/ Vox
Tom – Bass/ Vox
Stu – Drums
Cam – Drums



I Hate the Mall’ ©2012

Track listing: PCP Anthem; I Hate the Mall; Taumarunui Hates the Kids; Fucked Up; Nature Boy; I Hear Static; No Shit.

pcp eagles


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