Albi and the Wolves


About Albi and the Wolves:

Albi and The Wolves are a four piece Folk Rock Band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band is headed by Chris (Albi) Dent on vocals and Guitar, Matt Owens on Banjo, Michael Young on the Double Bass and Pascal Roggen playing Fiddle.

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The Nudge

The Nudge

About The Nudge:

The Nudge are a fresh form of innovative blues and roots.

Formed initially from Ryan
Prebble wishing to expand what was originally a solo project. Elements of blues were naturally there; however, with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic.

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Rival State


About Rival State:

Rival State is a kiwi ‘ rock, grunge, punk’ band from New Plymouth. Their sound is loud, catchy, edgy, and different.

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Recliner Rockers


About Recliner Rockers:

Blues-Rockabilly-Roots-Rock like you’ve never seen before!

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Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes


About Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes:

Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes have twisted the fabric of musical time and lived to deliver you a curated selection of infectious and original rhythm and blues.

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Kids of 88


About Kids of 88:

New Zealand electro-pop duo Kids of 88 are a throwback to the pulsing sounds of the ‘80s.

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