Saru G


About Saru G:

Saru G is a fresh face on Auckland’s hip-hop scene. Frustrated with a world full of greed, corruption, hate and violence, his unique style and lyrical content is a shot in the arm for mainstream rap.

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Nicole Andrews

About Nicole Andrews:

Nicole Andrews brings piano driven, alternative, haunting female vocals and dark themes.

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Royal Falcon


About Royal Falcon:

Royal Falcon are an Auckland-based band, making music akin to a deranged drifter at the window. Their raucous psychedelic country blues songwriting merges dark narrative and creeping dynamics with an explosive aural assault to create something quite intense.

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About Tainted:

Tainted make no bones about being one of NZ’s best live metal bands. Equipped with two outstanding albums (The Awakening 2006, Carved and Created 2008) under their belts, Tainted’s commitment and determination and overwhelming musical presence has earned them the title of one of New Zealand’s finest metal acts.

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The Eversons

The Eversons

About The Eversons:

The Eversons is an indie pop band from Wellington, New Zealand. Self-dubbed ‘a guitar group’, vocals are handled by all members and harmony is an integral part of their sound.

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Oslo Brown


About Oslo Brown:

Oslo Brown is a pop trio from Auckland. Individually, they come from a variety of musical backgrounds.

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