About Beastwars:

New Zealand sludge metal four-piece, this band abides by one steadfast maxim: Obey the Riff. Described as “a mongrel mix of Kyuss, Neurosis, and the mighty Godflesh…” (NZ Herald) and playing “heavy tunes for heavy times” (ALARM), the Wellington-based sonic soothsayers utilize the chaos that engulfs our world as ammunition for their defiant howls into the abyss.

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About Heterodox:

These vibrant, musically broad mavericks will be embarking on their first ever, full-fledged headlining tour around the North Island of New Zealand in March of 2015. The band will be bringing their debut release Elixir of Lethe to the stage in its entirety, along with all new material set to raise the bar ever higher for the group.

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The River Jesters


About The River Jesters:

The River Jesters are New Zealand’s own psychedelic blues rock gypsies.

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Man Solo

Man Solo

About Man Solo:

“I began playing drums in bands when I was eighteen, I just knew that making noise was all I wanted to do. Playing in many bands and travelling to many fantastic countries gave me enormous pleasure. Writing songs, playing the music and singing, meant that I could give you what I want to give you, not just what you, or anybody else thinks, you want. It ought to be what we all do, giving what we know we want to give, governed by what we really believe not just by what we think someone wants. No more guessing. No more hiding.

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The Doppelgängers


About The Doppelgangers:

The Doppelgängers (also known as Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers) are a three piece psychobilly act from Hamilton, New Zealand. The energetic band is famous for explosive live performances and is now based in London, England. Sociopathic bastards from a planet on the far side of the sun. Some say they play music, the truth is much more sinister…

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The Veils


About The Veils:

The Veils are a London-based indie/alternative band fronted by lead singer and songwriter Finn Andrews. They are known for their chaotic and highly cathartic live performances and Finn’s often scarily possessed stage presence.

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